Charley, an artist, recently had a big exhibition of her work at the gallery that Richie owns with his wife. Dropping in unexpectedly on a day theyre closed, and Richie is by himself, Charley immediately notices that her work isnt on display. He explains that her show is over, and in fact, she was supposed to pick up her pieces so that he can make room for another artists exhibition. She doesnt like the idea that her work isnt hanging anymore, and implores him to permanently display some of her work. Explaining that, because the gallery is so small, that would be impossible, Charley is unrelenting, and decides the best way to convince him is to do a little personal exhibiting or her own. From now on when Richies in the gallery, hell remember Charley fucking him, and with that hes sure to keep some of her work up to remember the best private exhibition hes ever had.
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